AFL Ladder- Best Way to Follow Your Team

Australian Football League (AFL) is a game whose roots can be linked to way back in 1896 when 8 teams split from Victorian Football Association and formed Victorian Football League. Ever since then the football game has seen various changes in rules and regulation to combination of teams playing the game to changes in the leagues name. The name was changed from VFL to AFL as the VFL’s governing body decided to market the game as an official professional game. However, these changes have just been instrumental in fastening the growth and popularity of the game adding to its benefit. It is one game which has the power to bring the whole nation together as one. Starting from fan following to dressing up like players, to knowing even the minutest of details about ones favorite players, this game offers it all.

The ladder of the Australian Football League renders a list of all the teams playing the league ranked based on their performance during the session. The ranking keeps varying depending upon the performance in the latest game. In total the ladder offers details about the rankings of 17 AFL teams starting with the best performer at the top followed by the second in the league and continuing down to the least performers in the game.

AFL is the top league of professional football players participating in the league. It is also the most watched as well as the most attended sport across Australia and worldwide. Add to this the media and corporate sponsorship made available to this game which enhances the whole galore of financial and revelation of all.

The ladder is the best way to know about the team’s credentials with respect to the number of games played by each, the wins and the losses and the number of points earned by each team so far in the game. The ladder is a useful tool in presenting the team’s performance to its followers and also in determining the success moments and the lose end moments. It is the best way to know about the capabilities of a team.