uropa League Champions League And The Italian Leagues Are Coming to an End

EThe Italian premier league is drawing to a close, and also the European tournaments are coming to an end. Before the long soccer season ends, leaving alone the supporters that in the long and hot summer days of this 2011 deprived of European and World Championship will have to content themselves with summer matches, the Champions League preliminaries, and the latest news about transfer market, let's try to take stock of the situation and to see how this soccer season is ending.

A soccer season that has nothing more to tell to Italian supporters as far as European cups are concerned. Out of both Europa and Champions League, the Italian teams cannot but watching the other foreign teams challenging each other to see who will win these prestigious cups. Now in the semifinal phase, the Europa League has already given an answer: the winner of the cup will undoubtedly be an Iberian team. Apart from the Spanish of Villareal, who gained the semifinal after beating the Dutch of Twente, all the other teams that have qualified for the semifinal are Portuguese: form Porto, who eliminated the Spartak Mosca, to Braga, who succeeded in qualify with a 0-0 against Dinamo Kiev, to Benfica, who beat the Dutch of PSV, the Europa League semifinals will speak almost exclusively Portuguese. Waiting for the semifinals, which will be played on the 28th of April and on the 5th of May (Benfica against Sporting Braga on the one hand and Porto against Villareal on the other), and for the final which will take place on the 18th of May, we already know that a Portuguese team will fight to win the cup.

Iberian, but Spanish in this case, are two of Champions League's semifinalists: the "usual" Real Madrid and Barcelona will challenge each other during one of the two semifinals (the other one will be played by the German team Schalke, which inflicted a sound beating to Inter during the quarter-finals, against Manchester United, another habitue of the competition), scheduled for the 26th - 27th of April and the 3rd -4th of May. To know who will win the most longed-for international cup we will have to wait until the 28th of May, when spotlights will illuminate the Wembley Stadium, which will host the last act of the tournament.

The Italian teams have nothing more to say in the Europena cups, but in Italy they are still busy with the latest matches of the league. As far as the Italian Premier League is concerned, the feeling is that Milan is traveling towards an announced victory, with Naples having 6 scores less and Inter 8 scores less. Moreover, Milan has a more advantageous calendar. And while Milan and Inter are having a foretaste of the Champions League qualification for next year without having to play preliminaries, Juventus is struggling for the Europa League qualification. At the end of the ranking Bari has almost moved down to First Division, while Brescia and Sampdoria are risking a lot. In the First Division Siena and Atalanta are in pole position for the qualification in the Premier League, while Triestina, Frosinone and Portogruaro are in the deep waters of relegation.

In few weeks the curtains will fall on the Premier League, on the First Division and on the European tournaments, making or breaking the protagonists of this season.

Whether The New Coach Will Bring Surprise to Lazio?

In this June, Serie A Lazio club officially announced the signing with the new coach. The Bosnia Petkovic will replace Rhea to serve as the new coach of Lazio from next season.

48-year-old Bosnia Petkovic previously did not coach the five leagues. As player, he spent his time mostly in the Swiss League. He began his coaching career from 1997, when he was Bellinzona and later he also coached in the Lugano and Young Boys team Bern. In 2008, he led Bellinzona to win the runner-up of the Swiss Cup; and one year later he led the Young Boys Bern team to win the runner-up of the league, which are his most proud achievements. Before he took over Lazio, this March he served as the transition coach in Sion team.

After the new coach was finalized, Zarate who was on loan to Inter Milan last season also expressed his hope to continue to stay in Lazio. He said: "It is very clear that I belong to Lazio. And the Lazio shirt is my choice. If Lotito president wants me to stay, I would be very pleased. I will return to Lazio with my best state. I left for Inter Milan because I did not get well with the coach; going to Inter Milan is my best choice." And now with the joining of the new coach, Zarate changed his attitude: "I am sure that Petkovic will bring the attacking football to Lazio and I believe he can do a good job," Zarate said, "I also like the Lazio fans. Many people know me when I walk on the streets. They are just like my friends. I am eager to wear the Lazio football shirts."

In the past two seasons, Lazio former coach Rhea led the team to harvest the qualification for the European League for two consecutive seasons but had always missed the Champions League. When the team was eliminated by Atletico Madrid in the European League, Rhea proposed to resign but temporarily left under the retention of the players and officials. But at the end of the 2011/12 season, Rhea made up his mind to quit the job in Blue Eagle regardless of the Lazio's president Lotito's repeated ask.

Indeed, Rhea did a good job when he was in Lazio, but no one can compel him to stay. We hope the new coach can bring surprise to the Lazio club as well as the fans.

Gerrrard Has a Deep Loyalty to Liverpool

This January, Gerrard signed a renewal three-year contract with Liverpool; it means that the 31-year-old Gerrard may have been working in Liverpool till he bids farewell to his football boots. He said: "Maybe, I will become the ambassador of Liverpool, but who knows what will happen in the next 2-3 years. it cannot be said, maybe I can receive a quote."

In the eyes of many neutral fans, it is not good for Gerrard that he always works in Liverpool. As the captain, the most brilliant he won along with Liverpool is the Champions League trophy they won in 2005 in the Istanbul. As one of the spokesmen of Adidas predator football boots, he makes such football boots known to the fans in Liverpool even in the world.

After all, he has always played in Anfield, which will means that he will always miss the Premier Champion in his career. The former England coach Eriksson had publicly called for Gerrard to leave Liverpool, but Gerrard responded: "I will not blame for my club. I will not complain the club, because the club changed the boss, Benitez soled Alonso, Javier Mascherano moved to Barcelona. I will only blame that I failed to seize the opportunity. Liverpool once ranked at the second of the league; that season we should have won the champion if we were not tied by the opponents in the 2-3 stupid games. I have to take the responsibility, as I was one of the team."

"When you are blamed, your firstly should look around yourself. In the time of football, it is not so easy to criticize others. Of course, I do not really have the opportunity to get the league title, which will be a pity in my football career. But I will not regret since I have made up my mind. And, I won the best champion trophy in Liverpool. There are many players who won the Premiership title but failed to clinch the Champions League trophy."

"As the captain of the England team, I have been on behalf of the 'Three Lions' to participate in more than 100 games. I am still the captain of Liverpool and I win many honors. 90% of my career has reached the expectation, in the next 2-3 years, I will still have expatiation, but also full of desire for victory." Gerrrard said.

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